Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom Review

The film introduces new characters played by Justice Smith and Daniella Pineda, who tag along with are main characters. One of them can access and hack into anything, but he’s a afraid of pretty much everything – the drop of a penny can startle him, probably thinks it’s a T.Rex. Also his screaming can go right through you. The other takes care of Blue after being badly injured and that’s really it. Both of them didn’t do much for me. Half way through the movie you forgot about them, because they literally disappear from the film and later come back in the third act.

The visual effects, (for the most part) looked really good and never takes you out of the movie when interacting around non-digital setting/people. I noticed some animatronics dinosaurs, but can easily get overshadowed by the heavy CGI. When I said “for the most part”, there are some shots were it looked a bit noticeable. Other than that, the visual effects are the strongest element to the film.

Chris Pratt and Bryce Dallas Howard ain’t brilliant in terms of acting, but at least have great chemistry. If look at any interviews or press event, the two get along so well it easily shows on screen. The biggest change in terms of character is Bryce Dallas Howard, who’s not as idiotic like the first. While both characters aren’t great, as some questionable decisions are made, although slightly better compared to the first. Although their motivations for saving the dinosaurs only makes you agree with Ian Malcolm (Goldblum) even more.

The movie is, at the very least, self aware of itself. Evidently by Chris Pratt’s character before agreeing to go on a mission ironically states “What could go wrong” when things go wrong. Giving small winks to the audiences when the obvious is gonna happen. With the endless amount of stupid decisions on top of more stupid decisions to push the plot along – Which I guess if every character had a brain, this movie wouldn’t exist, then again it wouldn’t be a great loss.

Speaking of idiots, let’s talk about the villains. I’m not gonna beat around the bush when I say this, but these are some of the most cartoonist villains I’ve seen in awhile. It’s pathetic how tedious they are. You wanna know they evil plan and goal? Guess, just guess:

Yep it’s money – Easily one of the worst.

If you’re looking forward for Jeff Goldblum’s return to the series and what role he will have on the story, just from the promotional material alone; well I got some bad news for you. He’s only in two scenes and the total screen time is one minute. All of it is courtroom debates. His character adds nothing to the film, just recycles dialogue from the previous films. What a waste of Goldblum.

Overall rating: While coming off as negative towards the film, it’s not bad or painfully to watch. I mean, it’s stupid fun. The ideas are present in ‘Fallen Kingdom’ for what it’s trying to set up or be, just needs a sharper execution. For those wondering about the third movie, don’t worry…

Whatever you do, avoid the “Final Trailer” – it’s 3 minutes of 1.5 seconds out of almost EVERY scene in the movie, and I’m 90% sure that’s the reason for all these low reviews. Because THIS how you do a JP movie. Franchise f**** saved \o/ I’m sure it won’t suit all tastes, but if you were put off by JP 3 or Jurassic World – just take your childhood by the hand, and let yourself trust one… more…time. (altho, avoid those frikkin spoilerific trailers . It was said of Jurassic World 1 that “Jurassic Park was ahead of its time, Jurassic World is not.” Well, Fallen Kingdom gets up, dusts itself off, and becomes the movie JW1 should have been. Throw in some moments of truly spectacular cinematography (the greatest moments of which are spoiled in all their glory in the ‘Final Trailer’) and this one is a must-see.

Compared to the first ‘world’ entry, the highs are higher, and the lows are lower, but this movie is great! It does have it’s problems, but this entry tries to get close to the original Jurassic Park in a horror/suspense kind of way, and it makes you yearn to see that develop further in the next film that will come out.

For negatives, can we get directors and writers to stop putting political jabs in non political movies? Whether I agree/disagree/don’t care about real world political statements, it pulls me out of the film every single time. Stop. Just stop. Now that that sidebar is over, Fallen Kingdom had a couple moments where I genuinely groaned or rolled my eyes, and they could have been easily avoided or done a different way. This film also suffers from a ‘are there 5 different directors?’ syndrome, because each part of the film feels completely different. Going from crawl, to action, to indiana jones esque, to super villain movie, to suspense. It’s all over the place! That being said, most of those sections were enjoyable.
One specific problem area for me was part of it’s ending being almost identical to the previous film, just to keep another sequel in the works. They could have been a bit more creative with that.

The movie itself does a good job at either not being predictable, or tricking you into thinking something will happen and it doesn’t. There is only one time early on where that fails, and it might be because it was in a preview. (Can we stop putting entire movies in the previews now?).

One thing this movie does very well is making you feel for the dinosaurs. There are a few occasions in the movie where you actually feel something for them, and the director did a good job in evoking most of those moments. The film also does a decent job bringing back suspense to the Jurassic Park world, but it doesn’t quite reach the quality or feel of the very first film.

And truly the actions and motives of many individuals have caused for the ending of this film to happen. John Hammond and Benjamin Lockwood were so curious that they wanted to create a theme park so astounding that the whole world would enjoy. But they failed to realize that the amazing technology and breakthroughs in science that they done were just starting a ticking clock of doom for mankind. Fast forward to the present day timeline in the series, Fallen Kingdom is interesting in how it shows the harsh reality that science and discovery has to offer. It brings to the forefront the interesting nature that humans have in terms of certain topics. In the film we have the two sides wanting to decide the fate of the dinosaurs, when in actuality, who are we to decide a living breathing thing’s purpose on earth? People wanted to advance technology, but also they don’t want that technology to come and turn against them. In order for something to happen, there will always be a detriment to that progression. In this film’s world, Owen and Claire have no choice but to own up to their actions of having progressed the downfall of mankind (Owen helped show that humans could train dinosaurs, whereas Claire helped fast forward the genetic possibilities by helping give the okay towards creating the Indominus Rex). Though both character’s actions and purposes towards their actions might have been for good or for non-violent reasons, they undeniably helped start the butterfly effect of what their world has become.

Also, Fallen Kingdom really touches upon author Michael Crichton’s novels. It’s interesting that the ideas of that author’s work are really being hashed out now. His questions of whether we should pursue breakthroughs in technology are really relevant in today’s world. That is why even though on the surface Fallen Kingdom seems like just a monster film, but it does offer more questions than a majority of summer blockbuster films.

The next film (Jurassic World 3?) is pretty much going to look at how humans and dinosaurs, whether both sides like it or not, must coexist. Or, it might show that one side has to go extinct. It will truly be interesting to see how that plays out. Should an all out man made extinction happen? Should humans continue to play god and literally help alter the food chain yet again? Or will dinosaurs get the best of man, reclaim the earth to really make the title Jurassic World come to fruition? And how will it be possible to coexist with these ancient creatures if humans have trouble coexisting with current day animals?

These are the things that leaving me pretty excited for the next film. For sure, there are so much things to talk about after watching this film, which is why I like the JP films. Rather than just being brainless entertainment, there are many real world issues and thoughts that are portrayed and discussed. Yes, the films are not 100% perfect, but I’d watch these films because they do try and convey topics in an entertaining way.

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom left me honestly surprised which is far more than what I expected going into this. As a Summer Popcorn Blockbuster, it does it’s job well and is definitely entertaining and I’m sure many casual movie-goers will get a kick out of this, especially the kids who are dinosaur lovers. However as the fifth sequel in this franchise it also serves as a step forwards into different territory. The park is gone after this film and where the ending has left this series is really refreshing after four films which more or less repeated the same formula. The moral questions of which species is the real monster, Humans or Dinosaurs is played upon as is the title, Fallen Kingdom. At the beginning of this film it’s depicted that it is the Dinosaurs kingdom that’s falling however by the end of it, it may very well be our kingdom that is about to fall.